Masami: New Sushi Favorite

Yay! I finally found my favorite sushi joint in Dallas, albeit I haven’t been to many sushi restaurants; I guess that only means I can’t stop here. However, after trying Masami this past weekend, I am a fan! Masami is a small, but cozy and cute restaurant that serves a great selection of entrees, sushi rolls, appetizers and dessert.


When you first walk in, you’ll be greeted by a maneki-neko (a Japanese lucky cat) and a moving banner that says “Welcome 2 Masami.” I love this set-up, because it makes you feel like you’re at a Japanese restaurant the instant you walk in. The origami laid out on the table added a nice touch to it as well.

Do note that the restaurant is a bit tight so there isn’t much of a waiting area. I came here for a birthday party so together we were a party of 10 people. As a former server, I know how tough it can be to serve a large party, but I thought that our server was very patient and did a good job. We weren’t rowdy or demanding, but he was patient and kind with us when we all took our time to order and asked for our checks to be split. So no complaints, which was surprising since I’ve been having the worst luck with service.

Since the restaurant is small, the staff is small as well…meaning that it will take a while for your food to come out. At the back of the restaurant you’ll find a cute, bald sushi chef putting your order together. This chef just looks like the kind of sushi chef you’d expect to see at an authentic sushi restaurant. So just know your sushi is in good hands and that it will take a while, but it’s worth it.

Masami will flood with you all different types of menu, which can be a little overwhelming. Do note that there’s also a *secret* special menu on the back wall! This is where you’ll find their famous darvish roll and green tea cheesecake.

Darvish Roll

Reading all the Yelp reviews, I noticed almost everyone recommends the darvish roll so I definitely had to get it. And boy, were they right – the darvish roll is delicious (see left picture). The darvish roll just has all the right things: salmon, urchin (!!) and scallops. You really can’t beat that. The urchin is mixed with the scallops in the roll, the salmon is slightly seared and topped with jalapenos, which give it a nice little kick.

House Special #2The next roll I got was the house special #2. This roll is also pretty good. I don’t really remember what it’s in it, but I know it had white tuna and tempura bits. I definitely recommend this roll as well.

Lucky for me, I also got to try the green tea cheesecake since my friend had birthday perks. The cheesecake is rich, drizzled with condensed milk and had a subtle matcha taste. If you’re obsessed with green tea or matcha like me, then I recommend this as well.

What’s really cool is Masami’s reward system. If you go there for dinner before 7 p.m., you get a stamp for every $20 you spend (which isn’t hard at a sushi restaurant) and after 10, you get $20. Granted you have to spend $200, but I don’t think it will be too hard.

I’m so glad that I discovered this place, but so sad that it’s in Richardson. Because if it was any closer, I’d definitely take advantage of their punch card system!


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