Friday Night with EatZi’s Pizza

I LOVE EatZi’s for so many reasons. It’s a great place for pretty much everything. It has delicious pre-made dinner/lunch options, cheese, wine, dips, dessert, etc. It’s really a one-stop shop for a delicious, quick meal, making it a great stop for a picnic.

On Friday nights, EatZi’s sells pizza, and I LOVE pizza as well. Therefore, I was super excited to discover EatZi’s pizza special. I mean everything at EatZi’s is a guaranteed delicious meal so I had high expectations, and yes – these expectations were too high. Don’t you hate it when you do that?

There are about 4-5 options; I don’t really remember them, but we got the chicken alfredo (see below – sorry for the poor quality photo, blame the lighting). All their pizzas are thin-crust, and all comes pre-made (no mixing & matching toppings). The chicken alfredo pizza was topped with white chicken strips, red onions and drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette. The best part about the pizzas here is that they’re only $10! You really can’t beat that. However, since the pizzas are being made one after another, there’s a high chance you’ll get a pizza that’s been sitting out for a while, which was the case for us. Therefore, by the time I got home, the pizza was cold and needed to be reheated. Even though everyone loves EatZi’s pizza, I found it to be disappointing. It dried up too fast, which made it cloying. Additionally, I found the flavors to be quite bland and when it dried up/cooled down, it was even more bland and cloying! Regardless, EatZi’s pizza still makes a great, cheap dinner option and a healthier pizza option as well. Knowing me, i’ll be back to try the other flavors just cause I can’t judge EatZi’s pizza off of one pizza. I mean it’s $10 a pizza…so why not?

chicken alfredo pizza

chicken alfredo pizza


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