Rodeo Goat Comes to Dallas

Rodeo Goat opened up in Dallas a few weeks ago, and I haven’t had the chance to check it out until this past weekend. If you do come here during peak times (i.e. weekends), expect to park across the street and/or wait in line for 30+ minutes. In addition to waiting 30 minutes for our seats, my bf and I had to wait a pretty long time for our food, which was frustrating (#hangerpains). I feel as if Rodeo Goat’s kitchen & staff are unable to accommodate their capacity. However, they do have a nice, open seating area, including an outside patio. Given that we spent 80 percent of our time waiting, we probably won’t come back during peak hours, and I advise you to do the same. There are endless burger options in the area *cough* hopdoddy *cough*.

However, let’s move on to the food. I got The Mike Rawlings Burger and the surprise fries. The Mike Rawlings Burger was slightly overcooked, but pretty good. My favorite part is obviously the candied bacon. The surprise fries is LOADED with brisket (albeit it’s more like ground beef) cheese and jalapeños. These fries are HUGE — enough to feed eight people and enough to give you a heart attack. I thought the fries are OK. There’s just too much going on in one dish. Additionally, the heavy toppings made the fries soggy.

heart attack on a platter

heart attack on a platter

Rodeo Goat Burger

THE Mike Rawlings Burger

Overall, Rodeo Goat is moderately priced, and has a great, fun selection of burgers, drinks (both cocktails and draft beer) and appetizers.


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