A Taste of Chicago’s Deep Dish Pizza

Over this past weekend, I ate out for almost every single meal and discovered some great cheap eats around the area — so it was pretty hard for me to pick one to write about. However, considering that I LOVE pizza, and it was my first time trying a true ‘Chicago-style’ deep dish pizza, I have to share it with you.

On our way to Ikea, my boyfriend and I decided to eat lunch at Taste of Chicago in Addison, a pizzeria that also has salads, wings, pastas, thin crust pizzas — but is famous (at least on Yelp it is) for their deep dish pizzas. The setup is casual and reminds me of a Pizza Hut restaurant, minus the salad the bar.

That crust....Being the noob that we were, my boyfriend and I did not call ahead — and no, it’s not because it’s super busy, but because their deep dish pizza takes 40 MIN to bake. That’s a long waiting period, especially when you are suffering from hunger pains. So learn from our mistake and order before you arrive. Yes, we could have ordered appetizers, but knowing how filling the pizza is, we decided it was better not to.

However, when that 4-inch deep pie full of cheesy deliciousness arrives at your table, it is the best thing ever. You get to customize your toppings so we got sausage, pepperoni and onions — and it was AMAZING. The crust is crispy and the cheese is gooey. The marinara sauce is nicely sweet as well. The pizza is layered with your choice of toppings, mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce. It’s definitely one of those dishes where you need a bib, fork and knife. Although I’ve never had deep dish pizza from its motherland, I can confidently say that Chicago’s deep dish pizza will not disappoint. Given how massive it is, expect to have leftovers (which taste just as good as if they’re freshly baked) and to be in a food coma immediately after consumption. Also please note, that my pictures don’t do the pizza justice.

A 4-inch deep, 5-pound pie full of cheese, regrets and amazingness


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