Meddlesome Moth – Great Food, Better Beer

With so many restaurants to try in Dallas, I often don’t repeat — and this is not intentional. I don’t eat out often, so when I do, I like to try a new place. However, Meddlesome Moth is one of the few restaurants that I find myself coming back to, and it’s mainly due to the beer selection.

meddle beer

Meddlesome Moth is an American gastropub with over 100 beers. They also have a brunch menu that I have yet to try. I’ve tried their chicken salad, a risotto special, mussels with the thai sauce, steak tartare and duck wings — and all have delivered, except for the steak tartare that was too mushy. Additionally, I like how next to each item on their menu, there is a beer pairing suggestion. Unfortunately, I have not followed their guidelines — I know, I know…as a beer enthusiast, I should be more aware of my food + beer pairings; however, Meddlesome Moth often rotates their beer so there’s always a new beer I really want to try, and it gets tough to coordinate my beer and meal. If you’re a beer geek like me, I suggest following Meddlesome Moth on FB to stay updated on their tap list and beer events. And if you’re a wine drinker, Meddlesome Moth also has a great wine selection.

meddlesome moth

No matter what day you go to Meddlesome Moth, it is bustling. There are some people dining and others gathered at the bar for a drink after work. There is a happy hour special where selected beers are $1 off.

Overall, Meddlesome Moth is one of my favorite restaurants in Dallas — great food selection with an even better beer selection.


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